Module 3: Screening and Diagnosis of Endogenous Hypercortisolism

In this module, a hypothetical patient case is used to review the signs and symptoms associated with hypercortisolism, as well as the limitations of the diagnostic tests used for hypercortisolism

Module 4: Endogenous Hypercortisolism in Select Populations

This module discusses the overlap between the incidence of hypercortisolism and other serious conditions, such as adrenal incidentalomas, osteoporosis, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus, and reviews several situations that can confound the diagnosis

Module 5: Mild Hypercortisolism From Adrenal Masses

This case study-based module highlights the characteristics predictive of mild hypercortisolism, the most common associated comorbidities, and the most reliable biochemical tests to promote better screening of these patients and potentially alleviate delays in diagnosis.